Child Killer Out Of Prison For Good Behavior

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A woman convicted of kidnapping and reckless homicide, for the death of a southern Kentucky boy, will be getting out of prison Thursday.

On the day before Thanksgiving, in 1992, Susanne Baker checked 10-year-old Scotty Baker out of his Clay County school, then took him to Scotty's stepmother, Stephanie Spitser Baker.

Police say Susanne Baker and Stephanie Spitser Baker were friends.

Stephanie Baker, who was also convicted, strangled the boy in the backseat of a car.

Police say the two women then set the body on fire, to try to disguise the crime. His body was found in Laurel County.

Police say Baker was pregnant at the time, and was allegedly jealous of her stepson.

Her release from prison now has many in Laurel County furious.

When convicted, Baker received a 25 year prison sentence.

But she's received credit for time served, along with credits for good behavior while in prison.

With all the credits, her release date became May 1.

No one is more outraged about Baker's release than the boy's mother Ruth Rose. She says that Baker should suffer just like her family has, "I don't want people to ever forget what she did. When she walks down the street, I want people to look at her and think 'there goes a baby killer'."

Stephanie Spitser Baker is still in prison. She's serving a life sentence.

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