Family Of Man Shot Dead Speaks Out

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There are still plenty of questions after a man was shot to death outside a Lexington home. Now his family is speaking out. Andreas' Lobsiger's loved ones say the homeowner who pulled the trigger has the story all wrong.

The homeowner says he was just trying to protect himself from a man trying to break in. But the family of the 36 year old shooting victim says there's no way that's possible.

They tell 27NEWSFIRST he was only trying to find a friend's house and knocked on the wrong door by mistake.

"Loving, giving, joyful and he always had that silly grin on his face."

For family and friends of Lobsiger, his tragic death has been anything but easy.

"It doesn't make any sense," said Tanya Lobsiger, Andreas former wife and mother of his two little girls.

She says she's is talking to 27 NEWSFIRST for two reasons.
"We just don't want people thinking he was a home invader or a thief or anything like that," said Tanya Lobsiger.

She also wants people to know who the 36 year old really was. "He was always doing things for other people, unfortunately most of the time he was taking care of everyone else," she says.

While the shooter, Tadarvis Gardener, 22, has not been charged with Lobsiger's death. Lobsiger's family is questioning Gardener's motive.

"For me I know he wouldn't be trying to rob anyone and for two he would never hurt anyone," said Shawn Flynn, Lobsiger's friend.

Gardener told police, Lobsiger was trying to break into his home. A 2006 law states a person has the ability to use deadly force against another who is a burglar or attempting to commit burglary. But Lobsiger's family says all he's really guilty of is knocking on the wrong door.

"It's just a shame that a simple mistake like that can cost someone their life," said Flynn. "And there's two little girls who will have to grow up without their father.

Now family and friends are campaigning for a change to the 2006 law.

"I'm hoping that maybe out of this tragedy, maybe the next person will think before they shoot," said Tanya Lobsiger.

Lexington Police say their investigation continues.

Visitation for Andreas Lobsiger is Thursday night from 5:00pm until 8:00pm at Kerr Brothers' funeral home in Lexington.
The funeral will follow Friday afternoon at 2:30pm at the funeral home.

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