Still No Word On Trial Venue For Couple Charged With Murder

A Clark County couple accused of killing a 10-year-old girl went before a judge on Thursday afternoon.

Lawyers for Patrick and Joy Watkins were asking a judge to move their case out of Clark County. Their attorneys say all the pre-trial publicity would make it impossible to have a fair trial in Winchester.

They're accused of killing, beating, and burning Patrick Watkin's daughter, Michaela, last year. The couple told 27 NEWSFIRST her death came because of a series of accidents including falling down the stairs and burning herself with bath water.

The judge agreed that it would be difficult to seat a jury in Clark County would wouldn't have been impacted in some way by Michaela's death.

He says he had already contacted Madison County about possibly holding the trial there, but they already have a jury trial coming up on Monday. He says he'll now wait two weeks before he makes a decision.

The next change of venue hearing is scheduled for two weeks from Thursday.

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