KY Home To Two Deadliest Bus Crashes In U.S. History

Kentucky has been the site of the two deadliest school bus crashes in U.S. History. In fact, we're just two weeks from the 20th anniversary of the Carrollton bus crash that claimed 27 lives.

That crash happened when a drunk driver hit a bus carrying a group returning from a trip to King's Island. It happened in Carrollton on May 14th, 1988.

The drunk driver responsible, Larry Mahoney, was convicted of manslaughter and served nine years in prison. He's since been released.

It's been 50 years since an eastern Kentucky school bus crash that killed 26 students and the driver.

That bus went off a Floyd County road and plunged 60 feet into the Big Sandy River on the morning of February 28th, 1958. The cause remains a mystery, 21 people did survive.

No criminal charges or lawsuits were ever filed in that case.

The Department of Education says the last known school bus related death within the past four years happened in western Kentucky. An elementary school student there was thrown from the bush when it rolled over.

There have been between 30 and 40 deaths since 1960, most of those, according to the Department of Education, happened outside the bus, like a student getting on or off the bus and being hit by another vehicle.

The Department of Education says after an accident of any type, it sends a team to investigate. One will go to Pendleton County to look into whether or not the driver's route was familiar, if the bus properly inspected and if the driver was properly trained.

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