A week after school massacre, new details emerge

NEWTOWN, Conn. (AP) - A friend of Nancy Lanza says "she was from a gun culture" and that her son Adam seemed to spend most of his time in his own large space in the basement of their home -- a basement where his mother kept a collection of guns.

Adam Lanza used a high-power military rifle to gun down 26 children and adults last Friday at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn. He shot his mother before going on the rampage and committed suicide at the school as police closed in on him.

Russell Ford says over the past year and a half, Nancy Lanza told him that she planned to move out West and enroll Adam in a "school or center" and that "he wouldn't be dwelling with her." He recalls that Adam Lanza never spoke to him or even made eye contact.

Others acquaintances of Adam say he could take apart and reassemble a computer in a matter of minutes and while moving through the hallways in high school, he'd awkwardly press himself against the wall while wearing the same green shirt and khaki pants every day.

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