A Warning To Pet Owners, Thefts Are On The Rise

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Dog thefts are becoming a problem nationwide. The American Kennel Club says across the country reports of dog-napping have tripled so far this year compared to last.

Now people in Mercer County are being told to keep a close eye on their pets. There have been several reported dog-nappings in the Harrodsburg area recently.

One woman in particular is taking extreme measures after someone stole her animals.

"I'm installing a security system, with video surveillance, so it doesn't happen again," said Missy Releford.

Releford is a true dog lover. "They are like my children," said Releford.

Since December three of her dogs were taken from her Harrodsburg home.

"It's been devastating, I just can't understand why people would do that," Releford said.

Her Sheltie, Star, was the first to go missing just before Christmas. "I thought I would never see her again," Releford said. "Then I received an anonymous phone call, a woman told me she knew where my two Yorkies were."

The anonymous tip led Releford to a home on North Lane St.

"When I got to the home, I flung the door open and my Sheltie, Star came running to me and jumped into my arms," said Releford.

Her Sheltie that had been missing since December. Police found one of her Yorkies in the attic hidden inside a dresser drawer.

The homeowner, April Reed, 23, of Harrodsburg was arrested and charged with felony theft, receiving stolen property, and criminal trespassing.

Several days later her other Yorkie was found running in a field. Police say the dog had been staying at a home of a relative of Reed.

"I'm so blessed to have them all back," said Releford.

The Commonwealth Animal Hospital, where Releford works has reported an unusually high number of missing dogs this year.

"My fear is the dogs that are filling up our missing dog wall were stolen," said Releford.

County officials are asking pet owner's to keep a close eye on their pets. April Reed bonded out of jail last week and declined to comment.

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