Lincoln County Student Faces Sexual Abuse Charges

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A 16-year-old Lincoln Co. High School student reported to the Assistant Principal Wednesday that 19-year-old Justin Davis had duct taped her to a chair and touched her inappropriately.

The incident happened in the greenhouse behind the school. The students were in the greenhouse as a part of a project where they grow plants to sell to the community.

A small group of students are assigned to work in the greenhouse, while some stay in the classroom inside the school. The assigned teacher must walk back and forth from each location to check on the students, leaving one group unattended.

Davis was arrested on site and charged with felony sexual abuse and misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment.

Don Gilliam with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department says, "It seems like it started off as playful and ended up getting out of hand."

Davis has bonded out of the Lincoln County jail on a full cash bond of $10,000.

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