Demolition Dust and Debris Cause Problems At Car Lot

A Harrison County businessman is irate over the mess left on his car lot by a demolition company working next door.

It all started when a Cynthiana church bought an old house on the lot next to Corner Auto Mart and hired a Lexington company to tear it down to make room for more church parking.

On Wednesday, Gary Mitchell was informed by Superior Demolition that their crew would be back on Thursday to start tearing down the home beside his car lot.

Mitchell says, "I told them if there's any problems and you need me to move some vehicles, I'd be more than glad to, and they said they'd let me know."

But when Mitchell came in to open his business the next morning, he was shocked by what he saw.

Mr. Mitchell shook his head in disbelief as he told us, "the two story house next to me was on the ground, debris all over the lot, insulation, siding and broken glass."

A thick blanket of dust covered his vehicles. Unfortunately, the demolition had taken place on one of the windiest days of the year, and no debris screen had been erected to keep the mess from spreading, Mr. Mitchell informed us that screen is required by law.

Mitchell says, "I want to make sure this demolition company adheres to the standards set forth by the state of Kentucky."

An EPA inspector who was on the premises Friday says Superior Demolition will receive a notice of violations when his report is completed.

Mitchell adds, "when the demolition crew realized I had talked to EPA, they were here this morning at the crack of dawn trying to cover things up."

Church elders, meanwhile, have offered to wash all the dirty cars at Corner Auto Mart, and Mitchell happily accepted the offer.

"I don't blame Cynthiana Christian Church. I'm sure they hired this company with the expectation that they would do a good job," he said.

Mitchell says other houses in the area are set to be torn down, and he wants to make sure no one else has to deal with a similar mess.

The owner of Superior Demolition did not return our call.

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