Man Accidentally Shot by Police Talks to 27NEWSFIRST

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For the first time a man accidentally shot by Nicholasville police talks about the incident and only to 27NEWSFIRST. Police said the officer only meant to taze Mike Mccarty, but shot him instead.

They said the officer accidentally pulled the wrong gun when he tried to break up a fight in a parking lot next to the Nicholasville Police Department. In his exclusive interview, McCarty said he now relies on a cane. He said he was shot in his lower back and the bullet came thru his chest, out the other side. "It grazed my lung, shot thru the liver, and shot two ribs in half," he said.

McCarty didn't deny he got into a fight with his estranged wife's new boyfriend at the police department while he said goodbye to his children who were moving across the country. "But, there was no need to use deadly force. This could have very well killed me," he said. "There was no need to pull a firearm. Maybe a taser, I would have understood."

The father of two said his children are his priority now. He told 27NEWSFIRST the children don't even know if he's dead or alive, because his wife and her boyfriend left right after the shooting. As the investigation continues, he wonders how the shooting could have happened. Police carry tasers on their belts on the opposite side of their gun. That requires an officer to reach across to grab his taser. An officer would reach down to grab his gun. " I don't see anyone confusing a taser for a .45-caliber pistol," McCarty said.

McCarty said he hasn't taken any action against the police department yet. He says right now, he's focused on getting well. The officer involved in the shooting, Lt. Bill Jones, has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. He's a 13 year veteran of the Nicholasville Police Department.