Missing Bell County teen found in Connecticut

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PINEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Officials at the Bell County Sheriff's Office say an anonymous tip led to the discovery of 14-year-old Madison York in Connecticut. She's in the custody of social services and authorities have issued warrants for three people in connection with her disappearance.

This all started Wednesday morning. Investigators in Bell County say York had left school and gone home. A neighbor saw man and teenage boy in a conversion van with Connecticut plates pull up to York's home. They say York appeared to know them, hugged the boy, and got into the van willingly.

The Bell County Sheriff's Office says someone left an anonymous tip with dispatchers that they should look into a Facebook page that might help them find Madison York. They say York had created a profile under an assumed name as an 18-year-old and had an online relationship with the boy. Facebook posts tagged to that profile gave them a trail to follow. CBS affiliate WFSB reports police found York in New Britain, Connecticut around 7:30 last night. The Bell County Sheriff's Office has issued warrants for David Hernandez, Lisette Ramos, and Brendales Ramos on charges of custodial interference and unlawful transaction with a minor. York's aunt, Judy Messer, said it was a bad decision by a child that could have had disastrous results.

"It was bad decision-making on her part, but when you're just barely 14-years-old, you do not make some very good decisions and she made a very poor decision and a very dangerous decision when she did that. We're just so thankful that she's alive and we don't have to bring her home in a bodybag," said Messer.

The Kentucky Attorney General's website has suggestions on how you can keep your children safe online. Those include searching the Internet for your children's names to see what information is out there, keeping them out of chat rooms, and having them use cell phones that allow you to control who can call them.

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