Vandals Damage Lexington Construction Site

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Vandals strike a Lexington construction site leaving a big mess behind. Now the company behind the project says it will cost thousands of dollars to make some unexpected repairs.

From toppled walls to smashed lights, it's a setback for a new furniture store scheduled to open this summer.

The vandals struck sometime this weekend at the site on Bryant Road near Hamburg.

"I see the plumbing pipe and draining pipe is knocked and the conduit is bent."

Superintendent Ed Butler says he left the job site Friday afternoon and received a call from his electrician Saturday morning advising him the site had been vandalized. He takes a look at the cruelty left behind.

"They were as unkind as I was afraid they were," Butler says.

The further we walked into the 47,000 square foot structure..the more damage he noticed.

"Here is another wall," he said. "That's where they got into it with the front end of the rotor."

The rotor of a lift which is what Butler says was used to cause the destruction.

"This is backward progress. We have to take sheet-rock down, we have to build walls, that's going backward. I want to go forward," he says.

But he and his crew can't until they fix the damage he believes was caused by young kids looking for a quick thrill. Butler says the damages are at nearly $5,000, so far.

Despite the damage, the Ashley Furniture store is expected to be completed on time this June.

Butler says this site has been targeted a couple times since they started work in early November, but this has been the worst. The hard work and effort of his crew is what bothers him most.

"Its been a tough job, we've had men work like Trojans, working 60-70hrs per week. I wish they (the vandals) would've gone somewhere else for their fun."

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