Burglars target family's home in Lexington neighborhood plagued with break-ins

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - People living in the Mentelle neighborhood say they're tired of waking up to see Lexington Police officers in the area after another neighbor's home is broken into.

"It's disturbing to hear that two houses down you have a break-in," explained Kevin Wente as he unloaded groceries in the driveway of his Aurora Avenue home.

Neon signs are plastered on poles through the Mentelle neighborhood, alerting people to the sudden increase in burglaries. Saturday morning, a young couple and their two small children came home to their Aurora Avenue home only to find their back door had been smashed in. While they tell us they felt lucky to have been out of town, they did say they were angry that their home on the normally quiet street had been targeted.

"It's frustrating; it is something you always hear about, but when it's right next door to you, you are more likely to keep the lights on, the doors locked, " Wente said.

"It's ridiculous," commented Patrick Armstrong as he scraped ice off his parked car.

He says one of the units in his apartment building was hit recently, and says it's time for the crimes to stop.

"I think it's kids," he said. "It's people not realizing that these are people's things and you just can't do this."

Officers on the scene say nothing was taken from the break-in this morning.

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