Burglars Ransack, Steal Money From Church

They arrived to worship and discovered a crime.

Police say someone broke into the Mary Queen of the Holy Rosary Church on Hillendale Drive, some time after services ended on Sunday.

The crime went undiscovered until early services Monday morning. Father Joe Muensch says he realized something was wrong when he unlocked the doors to the church.

The safe inside had been smashed and emptied. The burglars got away with checks and cash from Sunday's offerings. Police say the amount was in the five figures.

Father Muensch says the burglars also ransacked the parish offices that are next door to the church.

Lexington police say they think it could be an inside job because the doors to the church were locked. Church leaders say they wont jump to any sort of conclusions.

Church leaders also say they'll continue to keep their "open door policy," and continue to welcome anyone into the church.

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