More Serious Charges Levied On Lincoln Co. Student

Justin Lee Davis is now facing two felonies instead of a felony and misdemeanor. Prosecutors decided to increase the charges because of what happened at Lincoln County High School.

19-year-old Davis was only a few weeks away from graduating high school. He was charged with sexual abuse and unlawful imprisonment, but now Davis is charged with a more serious offense of kidnapping.

“Since he duct taped her and committed the offense of sexual abuse, we felt after I had a chance to review it, it was a more appropriate charge,” said Lincoln County Attorney Daryl Davis.

Police say Davis committed inappropriate acts with the duct taped 16- year-old female victim while the students were in a greenhouse as part of a project to sell plants to the community. Davis' attorney says others saw what happened, and he wants to hear their side of the story.

“It will be important to hear from the young lady making the allegations as well as the other witnesses who were there. Evidently there were a few others in the room and we want to hear what they have to say,” said Bill Erwin.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Monday. Instead, Davis pleaded not guilty to the more serious charges.

The preliminary hearing is now scheduled for May 19th. The county attorney says the victim could testify in that hearing.

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