Delinquent Property Taxes On The Rise

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Unpaid property taxes in Fayette County is not a new phenomenon. Last year the County had $2.2 million not collected. This year that number is up to three million dollars.

Property taxes fund the schools, police, fire, LexTran, and other government operations. When people or companies don't pay the state usually steps in to ensure those agencies and entities get the funding they need.

This year the trend shows Large developers and real estate agencies making up the biggest offenders. Nearly 88% of the three million dollars is owed by the top 25 offenders.

When these debts are sold the average delinquent tax payer ends up paying more in the long run and because of the large offenders, the final amount they owe continues to grow.

According to the Fayette County Sheriff's Department taxpayers have until the end of the calendar year to pay their property taxes.

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