Bunning Speaks Out Against Gas Tax Holiday

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) - Count Jim Bunning among the skeptics of a temporary suspension of federal gas taxes.

The Kentucky Republican senator said Tuesday that a summertime gas tax holiday wouldn't relieve pressure at the pump for consumers facing sky-high gas prices.

Bunning said the way to reduce oil prices is to increase domestic energy production. Bunning is co-sponsoring legislation to allow drilling in the Alaska refuge and to develop coal-to-liquid fuels.

Bunning said a suspension of the federal 18.4-cents per gallon federal tax on gasoline would take several billion dollars out of the federal road fund. He said general tax dollars would replace the lost gas tax revenue, adding to the nation's debt.

Bunning's opposition to a gas tax holiday puts him at odds with fellow Sen. John McCain, his party's presidential nominee-in-waiting. And on at least that issue, it puts Bunning in agreement with Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who has criticized the gas tax holiday.

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