Supplies of nasal spray flu vaccine running low

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As the flu outbreak continues to spread across Kentucky, and the country, doctors are urging everyone to get a flu shot to protect themselves. Here in Central Kentucky, doctors say supplies of the nasal spray vaccine FluMist, which is often given to children, are running low.

Should parents be concerned?

Monday, Dr. Katrina Hood with Pediatric & Adolescent Associates diagnosed several of her pediatric patients with the flu.

"Because we've now moved into the epidemic numbers I think people are more worried, so it's recommended to get your flu vaccine starting as early as September, and a lot of people just kind of put it off. But now that it's here, they're wanting it," explained Dr. Hood.

Unfortunately, one of the more popular ways to protect a child from the flu is getting harder to find. Doctors seem to be running out of the nasal spray far faster than regular shots.

"We're coming down to the low part of our supply right now, but as far as any worries about it, none at this point," said Dr. Hood, "of the people who've already had flu vaccine, the thought is about 60% of us will be protected well from it and won't have to seek out the care of a doctor."

The manufacturers of the nasal spray vaccination FluMist say there may be temporary regional shortages because of demand, but they have more than enough vaccinations to get through this year's flu season.

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