Police Arrest Illegal Immigrants Working At Somerset Business

Police say the problem involved illegal immigrants taking someone else's private information, yet treating it like it was their own, just to get a job at Somerset Hardwood.

“They're taking these numbers and making their own cards. Their picture on them. They're making up social security numbers or getting them from someone or somewhere,” said Sgt. Brian Jackson with Kentucky Vehicle Enforcement.

Police say their investigation started when an officer pulled over a hispanic man who flashed a fake ID. That person then told on his co-workers at Somerset Hardwood. Police say dozens...perhaps more than 100 illegals got jobs there..just by showing fake credentials.

Company officials say they had no idea their workers presented fake ID's. In fact, police say the copies they confiscated were high quality are hard to tell from the originals.

Eagle Hardwoods, incorporated issued a statement after the raid.

It said:

“Somerset hardwood does not knowingly employ individuals that are not authorized to work in the United States and complies with verification of employment eligibility. Eagle Hardwoods does not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin or age. If at any time after hiring, the credentials of any employee are brought into question and found to be inaccurate, that employee is terminated.”

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