Head In The Financial Game

Financial decisions are too important to decide with the flip of a coin. With that in mind, state treasurer Todd Hollenback enlisted the help of former UK quarterback Andre Woodson today in introducing high school students to a fun way of improving money management skills.

"2nd and 19, what do you want to try for?" Andre Woodson asks.

Students received free interactive video games called Financial Football and then listened to Woodson reinforce the importance of financial literacy.

"This is a great opportunity to interact with all the students and really express to them how important it is to invest their money," Woodson says.

Just as on the football field, promising plays can go all wrong in the financial field. Halfway through this past season, Woodson was a Heisman Trophy candidate and an almost sure first round NFL draft choice, but after dropping all the way to the sixth round, Andre himself won't have nearly as much money to invest initially.

"I really don't understand why I went as low as I did. You just have to be really positive and use all this as motivation and prove to everybody that you should have been a top two round pick," Woodson says.

However much money Woodson earns in the future, he's a good bet to make sound financial decisions because he grew up with a great role model at home.

"My mom has always been huge on investing money and being smart with the money so she's obviously watching over my bank at all times," he said.

And these kids will be much more likely to manage their money well after today's lesson in the classroom.

The online version of the game has been downloaded more than 200,000 times.

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