Candidate's Lexington Properties Questioned

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He's running for State Senate, but Shane Hamilton is spending much of his time dealing with code violations on his Lexington properties.

Hamilton owns 5 properties, a total of more than 300 units mostly in the Cardinal Valley area. He owns buildings on Oxford Circle, Cambridge Drive, Cross Keys Road and Jennifer Drive.

Over the past few months, code enforcement officials have found hundreds of violations at the apartment buildings. From the interior to the exterior to the structural integrity of the buildings. One building at Silvertree apartments on Cross Keys Road was even a few days away from being condemned. A code enforcement official found the building unsafe to live in and in danger of collapsing.

Hamilton quickly hired a contractor to make the repairs to the beams and the tenants were able to remain living there. Hamilton says he must have overlooked the problems about a year ago when he had a walk through. He also says code enforcement have overlooked the problems in the past.

Hamilton questions the timing of these violations. "You're two weeks away from an election. I called the investor of that building, he's out of California and owns them all over the United States, he says Shane, who in the world did you make mad, I said Paul, there's an election going on maybe that's it, because they usually don't go through every apartment and write up a nick in a sheet-rock, it's just unheard of," said Hamilton.

27NEWSFIRST asked his opponent incumbent Johnny Ray Turner if he was aware of these code violations, but he said "it was news to him."

Code enforcement officials say Hamilton and his staff are working closely with them to get the problems fixed, but they say they have not been signed off yet.

Hamilton and Turner are both democrats and there is no Republican running for the District 29 Senate seat, representing Breathitt, Floyd, Letcher and Knott counties. So, whoever wins the primary on May 20th will win the seat.

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