A House Divided

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The current presidential campaign has some families choosing different sides. David and Susan Short live in a house divided. They're happily married but split on the question of which candidate to support for president.

Susan Short says, "I like Clinton because I like what Bill Clinton did in the White House, and I think Hilary can do the same things."

David Short argues, "I like Obama and what he stands for. He reminds me of John F. Kennedy. I think it's time for a new face and I think Obama can provide real change in Washington."

People traveling Gainesway Drive in Lexington tend to stop and do a double take when they see both an Obama sign and a Clinton sign in the same yard separated by another sign with the words HIS & HERS and arrows pointing in different directions.

With the Shorts, the only question was which would would get their sign up first. David tells 27 NEWSFIRST, "She kind of threatened that if I put my Obama sign in, she was gonna put up her Hilary, but then she beat me. I got home from canvassing Sunday, and I had a Hilary sign in my yard so I had to put mine in right beside hers and then I put up the HIS & HERS sign."

Not only will the Shorts cancel out each other's vote in the primary, it looks like their children will too. Susan says, "My 18 year old son is probably going to vote for Obama, and my 20 year old daughter hasn't quite decided, but she's leaning toward Hilary."

One thing is certain. If Obama maintains his lead and gets the Democratic nomination, David Short will not gloat in front of his wife. David says, "No, I've been married 21 years and I've learned not to do that."

David obviously knows a presidential pardon is easier to come by than one from the wife.

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