Chelsea Clinton Visits Three KY Cities

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Hillary Clinton was busy Thursday trying to convince voters in West Virginia, but she was also at work in the Bluegrass state. The senator once again sent her daughter, Chelsea, to campaign for her.

Chelsea's first stop on Thursday was to speak to a group in Lexington.

Later in the day, she traveled to Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. There, she spoke to a crowd of about 400 people. She talked about a broad range of issues including financing for higher education, health care and immigration. Clinton also took questions from the audience.

Clinton supporter, Lettie Dixon, had the opportunity to ask Chelsea about the war in Iraq. "We need to stand behind someone who is ready to bring our troops home", she said.

Her final stop of the day was in Frankfort where she helped open her mother's campaign headquarters in that city.

This isn't Chelsea Clinton's first visit to Kentucky. She spoke at UK and U of L last month. She was also at the Kentucky Derby in Louisville to help her mother campaign.

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