Thieves Steal Lotto Ticket Worth $25,000

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Odds are if you have nearly 200 Pick Four Kentucky Lottery tickets, one of them will be a winner.

That's what police say Ahmed Aid and his wife Tina were banking on.

Two people believed to be the couple were caught on surveillance video illegally printing the lottery tickets at the Crossroads Marathon Store were Ahmed Aid worked.

"From the video tape, we could see that his wife was behind the machine producing tickets for sale without money going into the register, says Don M. Gilliam with the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.

It turns out that one of the 170 or more tickets printed, was worth $25,000. However, police say the suspects will never cash that check. Because shortly after the store owner called the police and the video was pulled, the couple was arrested. Both are being charged with theft and unlawful taking.

As for the $25,000 ticket, "The store owner has to pay for the tickets; therefore, it will become the property of the owner. Therefore, we will return the stolen property to them, to do with it what they want. I assume they'll cash it", added Gilliam.

But, until the owners pay for the winning ticket and all the losing ones, the cash winning slip will remain at the Sheriff's Department as evidence.