Reward Offered In Boyd Co. Unsolved Murder

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It's been two and a half years since Robert Sammons was found dead in the trunk of his burned-out car. The car was found on Wallace Road, a rural part of Boyd County in October of 2005.

Now, as years go by without an arrest, his mother has decided to put up part her own money as a reward.

This is the first time Hattie McConnell has been to the crime scene and it's the first time she's seen the picture of her son Robert Sammons burned out Camaro, his incinerated body discovered inside.

"I can't let my heart heal. There is someone walking free out there and I want them to be found," McConnell said.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Elliott Gollihue says they've made great strides in the case but no arrest, and he wants to make an arrest.

On October 28, 2005, 35-year-old Robert Sammons' body was found in his torched car and an arson and murder case began.

The lead investigator, who won't release cause of death and won't pinpoint a possible motive, says Sammons, a day laborer, had no real enemies and no ongoing feuds. Trooper Gollihue says everybody said he talked to said Sammons was a good guy.

McConnell says Sammons, the guy they all called "Robo," once put his life on the line for a customer during a gas station hold up.

She says, "he chased the robber, and was on his cell phone with police telling them his every move."

Trooper Gollihue says this case has made significant progress. They have conducted more than 100 interviews and they have people of interest, but they just need a few bits of vital information to take this murder case to court.

Sammons's older brother, Matt, lives in Lexington and is haunted by the death every day. That's one reason the family is offering five thousand dollar reward.

State police are chipping in too, offering another thousand dollars for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

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