College Kids React To Tuition Hikes

Life on college campuses is probably already stressful for some. Most students will tell you it's tough just to make ends meet.

“Everything's coming at once it seems, and it's getting hard on everyone, especially this tuition thing,” says Somerset Community College Student Andrew Rexroat.

On Friday, the hikes were given the final stamp of approval by the Council on Postsecondary Education. Tuition is increasing anywhere from 5% to almost 10%.

“I live in Casey County and I have to drive 45 minutes every day, so it could really cut into spending,” says student Tyler East of the commuting expense.

Students at community colleges and technical schools will be paying 5.2% more. It could have been much worse. The head of the community college and tech school system had requested an increase of a whopping 13%.

KCTCS President Michael McCall says the 13% tuition hike was needed to avoid cuts in services. Now, he fears there could be less student enrollment and faculty and staff layoffs.

Some students say they'll be working more this summer to supplement what their parents pay. Those on financial aid dread higher loan payments. But regardless of the ever increasing cost, most say a degree is still worth it.

“You're not going to make it if you don't have a college education in this world. I hate to say that. I'm studying to be a pharmacist so I hope it will pay in the end,” says Angela Thomas of Albany.

Many universities didn't get as big of a tuition hike as requested.

EKU and KSU both asked for 8% but only got a 7% tuition increase. UK and UofL both received their request of a 9%hike.

And at Western, in-state students will see an 8% hike, but out of state students will end up paying more than that.

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