Kentucky's Most Wanted

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We are looking for some of Kentucky's Most Wanted fugitives. We have volunteers from Crimestoppers, US Marshals Service, Jessamine County Sheriff's Department and other local police agencies to answer the tipline studio phones.

"Crime is down in Lexington to it's lowest rate in 30 years" according to Rob Sarrantonio with Bluegrass Crimestoppers. Lexington's Chief of Police says Crimestoppers is one reason why.

Calvin Whitis with the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force says many of the people they are searching for are not strangers.

"People show up time and time again," he says, "it's because jails nationwide are over crowded and sometimes people are let out soon and they recommit crimes."

Kentucky State Police are in charge of keeping track of the Sex Offender Registry. They do it by address verification. If an offender doesn't verify their address, they become non-compliant and that's against the law.

All three agencies say the public plays a big role in helping them accomplish their job, which is to catch criminals.

We will show you the profiles of some people wanted for various crimes like not paying child support, probation and parole violation, assault, robbery, and drug charges. There are some non-compliant sex offenders on our list too.

Our tipline studio is open between 5 and 7pm May 12th only! If you know where any of the people we're profiling may be hiding out be sure to contact your local law enforcement agency right away.

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