Kentucky Voters Want A Say

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Time is ticking, and the pressure is on--and for the first time in a long time, the Kentucky Primary race is all out battle.
The candidates aren't playing around, using every opportunity to campaign. While both camps are vying for kentucky's vote, and the Democratic Nomination, there are some, on the national front that say it's too late for Senator Hillary Clinton--because according to the Associated Press Senator Barack Obama has more superdelegate votes than she does. For weeks now, politicians and pundits have been calling for her to drop out. "I don't want to see Hillary quit. She is showing more and more that she cares everyday." says Virgie Wells, former mayor of Cynthiana.
Wells and others were on hand to her Chelsea Clinton campaign on behalf of Senator Hillary Clinton Monday.
Others say say this is a political contest, and it can't end, until the game is over." Let everyone vote, let the votes count, and then make a decision", exclaimed Irene Bragg.
As for now Kentuckians will do that May 20th.