Scooting and Pedaling Around Town To Save $.

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You've probably already noticed, but the price at the pump took another big jump today. Locally the average for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.73 but some stations are charging $3.85 or more! The price is up forty cents from a month ago.
Instead shelling out cash to fill up some people are finding other ways to get around. Lots of people are choosing to pedal their way around town instead of shelling out big money to fill their gas tanks. Brad Flowers at Lexington's Pedal Power Bike Shop says you can buy a bike for $250 "and it's about the same as a few fill ups these days." Flowers says he has seen lots of new customers turning to bicycles for transportation not just for recreation.
Marijka Walker of Mt. Sterling says guilt is what drover her to buy a bike. She said she felt guilty driving a mile or two to the gym or store when prices are so high. So now she bikes most everywhere.
If bicycles aren't your speed scooters may be your answer. You can fill it up for about $4 and it will get you nearly 70 miles. That's like going from Lexington to Louisville on $4.
"The average scooter gets 65-70 mpg and mopeds get 100-110 mpg" says Nod Jennings with Fayette Moped. He says his business is in overdrive thanks to the high gas prices. "Our sales up double." Jennings says it everyone is getting in on the scooter action, he's seeing people in their 30's- 60's. "It used to be teens and now we're seeing the older sector riding."
Whether you're pedaling or scooting, they're two sure ways to keep your wallet on full.

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