A Lawsuit Filed A Year After A Crash

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It was a crash that claimed the life of a teenager and left a Lexington high school in mourning. Jesse Higgenbotham died and two other Dunbar students were hurt when they crashed on Versailles Road near Keeneland last year.

The families of the two passengers in that car have now filed a lawsuit.

The suit was filed Friday. The defendants are the Keeneland Association and Colleen Moureaux, who was the driver of the car that wrecked on Versailles Road near the Keeneland Racecourse in April of last year.

According to the multi-page lawsuit, the parents of Jesse Higginbotham and Mercedes Hopewell who were passengers in the car are seeking an unspecified amount of damages from the Keeneland Association and the driver of the car, Colleen Moureaux.

Higginbotham died in the crash, Hopewell is still recovering from serious injuries.

Police said, Moureaux lost control of her car on Versailles Road after her rear tire blew-out. The car ran off the road hitting a pickup truck owned by Keeneland which was parked on the side of the road.

Police say the Keeneland employee had stopped to work on an electronic sign.

The lawsuit claims the Keeneland vehicle was negligently or illegally parked in and emergency lane. It also claims Moureaux operated her vehicle in a careless and negligent manner after the blow-out.

The attorney for the Higginbothams says damages would include everything from pain and suffering to funeral expenses and Jesse's likely income earnings as a software designer.

The attorney says Hopewell is seeking past and future medical expenses as well as emotional damages.

Keeneland declined to comment on the pending legal matter.

The attorney for Higginbotham's family and for Hopewell says it was necessary to include the teenage driver, Colleen Moureaux as part of the lawsuit because of certain legal rules involving liability. Hopewell just completed her first-year at U-K.

A jury trial is expected, but there is no word on when it might start.

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