Rockcastle Man Injured in Rockslide

Marty Burton says he drives US Hwy. 25, instead of I-75, because he has considered Hwy. 25 the safer route. But after what happened Tuesday morning on his way home from work, he’s not so sure anymore.

“Just saw the mountain cave in. There wasn’t anything I could do. I couldn’t get away from it. It covered the whole road,” says Burton.

Burton another driver discovered the rock slide the hard way. And Burton says the wreck taught him a lesson.

“I didn’t have a seat belt on. Make sure you wear your seat belts. You see the steering wheel in my truck. That was me that done that. Wish I had it on,” says Burton, motioning to the bent steering wheel in his truck that took the brunt of his chest when the truck slammed into the rocks.

The rockslide closed the highway most of the night….and the work to haul away the mess took hours. People who live in the area say they saw this coming becuase of smaller rock slides in recent months.

“It’s pretty bad. It’s been going on. A lot of peoples' cars have been hit, tires busted. I’ve had people come and use the phone because their tires have got busted,” says a woman who didn’t want to be identified.

State officials say work will be done to make sure the road is safe, such as giving the hill a closer look to make sure bigger pieces of rock won’t come down again.

Just why the rocks came crashing down isn’t exactly known, but weather gets the blame.

“I would say with all the rain we’ve had lately. It has caused problems. Rocks cracking. All of this rain, eroding it more. It finally broke away,” says Russell Jones with the Ky. Transportation Cabinet.

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