Preparations Underway For Primary Election

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May 20th is less than a week away and state and county officials are gearing up for a projected increase in voter turnout.

"We're expecting a turnout for both parties to be between 20 to 25 percent, if averaged together. It'll be clearly higher on the democratic side, between 25 to 30, with Republicans being 15 percent," says Deputy of Secretary of State, Les Fugate.

With May 20th right around the corner, Fugate says the preparations are in full swing.

"We've met with county clerks to make sure they are properly trained. We have 27 new clerks who will have their first federal election and we've asked counties who have paper ballots to print additional ballots," says Fugate.

"As we speak, the voting machines are being delivered to the precincts, all fully set up and inspected and ready to be used," says Fayette County Clerk, Don Blevins.

They are ready for the thousands of registered voters showing interest in making the Kentucky vote one that matters.

It's the first time in many years that Kentucky's vote has had an impact on the presidential primary election.

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