Lexington Neighborhood Calls For Change

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Crime, piled up trash and run-down homes; those are just some of the problems people living in a Lexington neighborhood say they've put up with for years.

But many in the Woodhill area now say it's time for some big changes.

The Woodhill Park community says they've had enough. They're teaming up with support from the mayor and council members and plan to reclaim what has become a trash filled, crime ridden neighborhood.

"First of next week, we're going to have the health department over here, the code department and the police department are coming back over here," said Paul Kennedy, President of Woodhill Park, Inc. "We're going to walk through this and what we can do is basically revitalize everything here."

Neighbors here are also stepping in. They admit gang activity is a problem and this neighborhood has a bad reputation, but they say the homes are filled with people who want to make this a better place to live.

"I really would like to see Woodhill go back to being able to offer resources like a playground and track for people to keep activities going. I think once people see change they will get excited and start doing their own efforts," said resident Tammy Kelly.

Homeowners are also concerned about maintenance issues that have lowered their property values but they say they're hopeful things will get better.

The board plans to meet soon with the Mayor to discuss more ideas and solutions

"My great hopes are to see a good neighborhood like they tell me it used to be years ago," said resident Maria Raider.

The Lexington Police crime watch web page shows that in the past six months, auto theft and burglary have been the main issues reported in this area.

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