Poll: Most Kentuckians Fed Up With State Legislature

Most Kentuckians say they're fed up with the state legislature.

That's just one finding of the WKYT/Herald-Leader Kentucky Poll, which also shows people want to vote on the casino amendment.

This year's session of the legislature drew lots of criticism, as some people said it went nowhere. Lawmakers presented the fewest number of bills passed by a regular session in recent memory.

In the Kentucky Poll of 600 likely voters, 66 percent say they disapprove of the way the legislature is handling its job.

A similar number dislikes the bare bones budget passed by lawmakers.

The poll also shows Kentuckians clearly want the right to vote on the casino gambling issue.

81 percent indicate they want a chance to say yes or no on a constitutional amendment regarding expanded gaming.

But the poll also shows casinos would be far from a sure thing, if it did get on the ballot. In fact, 49 percent indicate they would oppose casinos. 44 percent would be for them, and only a few would be undecided.

The gambling issue can't come up again until the next regular session in 2010.

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