Couple Accused Of Murdering Child Denied Change Of Venue For Trial

They said they couldn't get a fair trial in Clark County.

But Thursday, a judge denied a change of venue request from a Winchester couple accused of killing a 10-year-old girl.

Patrick and Joy Watkins both face murder charges.

Police say Patrick's daughter, Michaela, was beaten to death more than a year ago.

But the Watkins' told 27 NEWSFIRST, shortly after Michaela's death, that the girl burned herself in bath water and then had a series of accidents, including falling down the stairs.

The couple argued they couldn't get a fair trial in Clark County because of pre-trial publicity.

But the judge disagreed, saying any potential venue site received the same media coverage as Clark County did.

The Watkins are scheduled to go on trial in Clark County on September 3.

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