Thieves Steal Money & Equipment From Southern KY Church

The reverend of an eastern Kentucky church speaks out, after a burglary that cost his church thousands.

Thieves broke into the New Covenant Baptist Church, in Woodbine, taking valuable equipment and vandalizing the building.

The minister of New Covenant Baptist Church says he wonders what kind of people would break into a church.

Reverend Ed Wayne Gibson says the crime against his congregation came from people he thinks really needs to be sitting in these pews.

"They don't have no remorse whatsoever. I mean it's common to them to steal," said Gibson.

Gibson is scratching his head over the strange variety of the items they stole. Computers and television sets were taken but more expensive audio equipment was passed by.

Children in the congregation spent months collecting coins, and the jug containing hundreds of dollars is now gone.

Reverend Gibson says he doesn't expect to see the stolen goods again based on where police think the stolen items ended up.

Police told the pastor in cases like this, thieves often sell their stuff to pawn shops where ID's aren't required for the up front sale.

"I figure maybe $5,000 or $6,000 is what they got and the policemen said they probably got $100 out of it," Gibson said

The thieves also broke out windows and, for reasons the minister doesn't understand, even switched this curtains on several windows.

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