Bill Clinton Makes Kentucky Push For Hillary

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President Bill Clinton made several campaign stops on behalf of his wife, HIllary Clinton on Thursday in advance of next week's primary.

Making stops in Louisville, Elizabethtown and Bardstown.

"Don't let anyone tell you, your vote doesn't count this race is not over," President Clinton told a crowd of about 300 people inside the Nelson County High School auditorium.

He says while many are counting his wife out, she is the smarter candidate and the only candidate who can beat John McCain in November.

"She does more than talk about the issues, she has detailed ideas and solutions to back them up, that is why she should be the next President," said Clinton.

Clinton also talked about the issues most affecting Kentuckians including early education, affordable healthcare, access to higher education and the economy.

Supporters said Hillary is the stronger of the two candidates and a fighter for the middle class and is the only candidate who can beat John McCain in the general election in November.

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