Deer Jumps Into School Bus; 14 Students Hurt

More than a dozen students were injured on their way to school Friday morning after a deer ran into the side of their school bus.

The Boyd County bus was full when the deer slammed into the side of it, on Route 60, at the I-64 interchange near Carter County.

The accident happened around 7 Friday morning.

The impact shattered windows and sent glass flying onto the dozens of students inside. In all, 14 students were taken to hospitals for injuries they received from the flying glass.

Their injuries were said to be minor, mostly cuts and scrapes from the broken glass There were 18 others on the bus who were not injured.

All students were treated and released.

The students were on their way to three different schools, Boyd County High, Boyd Middle and Ponderosa Elementary schools.

The driver of the bus was an experienced driver for the school district and also a mechanic.

The children and the driver say they saw the deer running beside the bus before it jumped up into the window.

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