Convicted Thief Strikes Again After Getting Probation

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In 2006, Christopher Brown was arrested and convicted of breaking into cars and stealing credit cards. Less than a year later, he was caught stealing again.

Brown initially admitting to committing the crime, saying it was because of his drug addiction. A judge put Brown on a 5 year probation, with the stipulation that he must pay $2,500 to his victims and complete a drug rehab program.

Brown did neither of those things. In fact, during the three months he was free, the commonwealth attorney says he went right back to stealing credit cards from cars while people were either shopping or working out.

Brown has been sent back to prison for 25 years for his crimes but he'll be eligible for parole in less than 4 years.

As for Brown's victims, he will not be required to pay them back as long as he is in prison.

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