Bud Mackey Speaks Out About Drug Arrest

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This was supposed to be the end of his senior year in high school and the start of a promising college basketball career. Instead former Scott County High School star Bud Mackey is in jail for violating his bond after his arrest last year on drug charges.

The one time high school basketball star says he still plays ball, but these days the hoops are within the walls of the Scott County Detention Center. Now he can only wish he had done things differently.

"I was great...I was on top of the world," he says.

Mackey went from the basketball court to a jail cell. The one time Sweet 16 MVP of Scott County High School had a full scholarship to play at Indiana University. Many said the talented ball player had a bright future ahead, until he called the wrong shot.

"I was in the principals office and I got caught with cocaine in my shoe", says Mackey. "Times got hard, my mom needed a lot of help and I was the only man around the house. I have two younger brothers and I was a father figure to them. Her paycheck all went to rent. I just wanted to help and I made the worst decision of my life".

A decision that cost him his glory. He got kicked off of the team and the scholarship offer to Indiana University was taken away.

"Here I am with all the ball talent in the world and I'm sitting in the Scott County Detention Center, letting it all go to waste."

Mackey is back in jail for violating his bond after dropping out of school in Cincinnati, where he was staying with his grandmother. But he says he's not giving up his dream of playing college basketball.

"I would do anything to go back to them days. Everyone deserves a second chance...I would love to play for UK, close to home, where my family can come see me play."

Mackey says he's ready to put this behind him.

"I know I let so many people down, it hurts me so bad and I know I disappointed everyone. I just want to apologize to the community of Scott County."

Mackey says he's working on getting his G.E.D. in jail and hopes other young kids can learn from his experience.

He is expected back in court on June 3rd.

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