Honoring the Fallen & Forgotten

A central Kentucky teenager is on a mission. She's trying to brighten the graves of Kentucky's soldiers this Memorial Day at Camp Nelson Cemetary. The cemetary's oldest section is often forgotten by those who lay flowers.

Thousands of headstones make up Camp Nelson National Cemetery. Flowers and flags are found frequently beside the graves of recent war veterans. But behind one wall lay the dead of wars long ago and you won't find many flowers there.

"Because behind the wall some of them are forgotten and they shouldn't be," Marina Hillis says.

13-year-old Marina knows that on Memorial Day many of the newer headstones will have plenty of flowers, wreaths and other memorials placed on them. She knows that many may not venture beyond the wall to place flowers on the cemetery's first graves, so she's raising money to provide all these graves with carnations.

"Because there's so much unknown out there. They don't know where they area. Those are the main people that's forgotten," she says.

Marina says seeing a TV show about a little girl who had just lost a relative during the war coupled with how she felt about the death of her uncle influenced her to do this.

"Some of the things she was feeling I felt. And some of the things she said touched me. They are people who fought for this country and are overlooked," Marina says.

Marina will need about 14-hundred dollars to pay for 5-thousand carnations.

She will have a booth set up at shopping centers in central Kentucky throughout next week. Donations are also accepted under the "Marina For The Forgotten" fund at National City Bank.

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