KSP Stepping Up Probe Of Old Warren County Murders

BOWLING GREEN, KY -- Kentucky State Police in Bowling Green are asking for help in solving the long-ago murders of Bobby Dethridge and Clifton Raymer, reports the Bowling Green Daily News.

Bobby Dethridge was last seen walking away from his residence on Crewdson Lane on May 7, 1980. His body was recovered in a barn, partially covered with hay in November 1980. He was killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

Missing for more than seven months, Dethridge was found when two rabbit hunters went into the barn seeking shelter from rain, reports the Daily News.

“We’re still actively working the case,” Detective Chad Winn said. “I did a couple of interviews within the last week.”

A major concern? A number of those people classified as persons of interest are starting to die, he said. Dethridge’s vehicle was found in the parking lot of Roses on Russellville Road, Winn told the Daily News.

“There were a lot of possible motives in this case, but none of them were ever proven,” he said. Kentucky State Police never stop working on murder cases, Winn said.

“There was a recent (tip) in this case that was investigated, but unfortunately it didn’t result in anything,” Winn said. The case of Raymer’s death is also being investigated by state police. He was shot at his residence off Cumberland Trace in Bowling Green on May 24, 1975, the newspaper reports.

Raymer was a retired attorney and lived at home with his wife. They were in bed when they were awakened by burglars in their home. Raymer armed himself and caught a burglar inside his home - and was holding him at gunpoint while awaiting police, said Detective Sgt. Tommy Smith, reports the Bowling Green Daily News.

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