WKYT Investigates: No wrecks on double crossover diamond in months

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The double crossover diamond interchange was considered a controversial new traffic pattern when transportation leaders decided to build it in Lexington.

The intersection at Harrodsburg Road and New Circle was considered one of the worst prior to its redesign, but as WKYT found out, the double crossover diamond design has set a whole new standard in getting traffic to move around town.

It was an intersection talked about and worried over more than any other in Lexington.

"A lot of research and preparation went in to the plans for this project and we assumed of course that it would reduce congestion, make traffic flow smoother, and decrease accidents," explained the Transportation Cabinet's Natasha Lacy.

Lexington police pulled the latest set of numbers involving the intersection. More than 100 drivers wrecked there the year before construction started. Around 80 wrecked in the year during construction. They couldn't find citations for any wrecks since late last year.

"The interchange reduces conflict points. Basically you aren't making left turns and so you're not basically going against traffic. And that helps with the reduction of crashes and also adds to safety," said Lacy. She tells WKYT they're already looking at duplicating the double diamond design on New Circle exits like Leestown Road, Richmond Road, and Tates Creek.

"It reduces the commute time and there's fewer conflicts with the accidents, and also it's just an easier, smoother way to get though an intersection that's heavily traveled."

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