Obama on Primary Eve

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While Hillary Clinton spent the day traveling across Kentucky to get last minute votes, her opponent Barack Obama spent the day in Oregon where tomorrow is also primary day. It appears Obama has already turned his attention away from Clinton and Kentucky and is focusing on November and John McCain.
At a rally in Oregon Obama commented on McCain losing several staffers due to lobby controversies. Senator Clinton fired back saying Obama is getting ahead of himself by worrying more about McCain than her. A massive crowd of nearly 80 thousand people showed up to catch a glimpse of Obama today he called the turnout amazing saying "This is the most spectacular setting in the most spectacular crowd we've had this whole campaign....it's unbelievable."
Obama may not be in Kentucky today but volunteers for his campaign are out in full force. "The primary is tomorrow, Kentucky is next to Ohio, and I wanted to help, this is what I felt like how I could help." Jan Vargo drove down from Dayton Ohio to be one of the dozens of volunteers canvassing the area and working the phones drumming up last minute support for Obama. While she's done this many times before, Beth Blackey is a first time volunteer and says she's excited to be a part of the local campaign for change. "It's exciting for me because I haven't been involved in the past it shows how much excitement he's created and that says something."
To some people Obama's decision to bypass Kentucky ahead of the primary says he doesn't care about Kentucky but Blackey says she can understands both sides of that argument. "I can understand how people say that. It looks like he has a better chance in Oregon and he needs to get as much of the vote as he can in Oregon."
Obama is expected to win big in Oregon tomorrow and he will likely be less than 100 delegates away from what's needed for the democratic nomination after tomorrow.

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