Toddler Drowns In Creek Behind Amish Family's Home

The creek that runs through tiny Mannsville doesn't hold much water. But the little waterway that runs behind the Attridge home in the Amish community proved deadly for 16-month-old Rhoda Ann.

“It brings tears to my eyes. Well, it does for whenever I think about it,” says Paul Cash, who knows the Amish family well.

Rhoda Ann was the youngest of 8 children for the Attridges who ironically became Amish to give their children a better life.

“That's just the tragedy of it all,” says Taylor County Corner Terry Dabney.

Dabney says the girl somehow got away from her parents and 7 siblings and fell head first into the creek.

“She had tripped over the a pebble or a rock, a stone that was near the creek, and fell and hit her head.”

She was rushed to the hospital and died a few hours later.

“That's just the thing because they really look after their children. You don't hear of this happening that much,” said Cash.

Hundreds of mourners packed into a small school house for the funeral that people say lasted hours.

Paul Cash says he helps his Amish neighbors whenever he can. And he speaks to Rhoda's father often.

“I told him, I said look at it this way. I know you lost a daughter, but God got an Angel out of it at the same time.”

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