World champion Dunbar High School cheerleaders return to Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Dunbar High School cheerleading team was welcomed home Monday night, after winning the national and world championships in Orlando.

A crowd of parents, classmates, and fans were on hand to help celebrate the school's eighth national championship in cheerleading.

Earlier Monday, the team learned they had the most combined points in the national championship, which made them the world champions of high school cheerleading.

"Our expectations are for them to be successful in more than cheerleading, and we go down there planning on doing the best we can, and luckily for us, our best has done very well for us, and the success is unbelievable," Saleem Habash of Dunbar High School said.

The Dunbar cheerleaders will compete for a state cheerleading crown next week.

Usually, the national championships are after the state championships, but Kentucky's cheerleading championships were postponed because of snow.

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