Man Arrested For Stealing Historic Documents

An Indiana man faces allegations tonight of stealing from the Transylvania University library. The federal government says he took documents more than a decade ago and then tried to sell them online.

An FBI affidavit just unsealed this afternoon tells the story of an avid collector who agents say went too far. 70-year old Eugene Zollman reportedly took Jefferson Davis documents from the Transylvania University library back in 1994.

Zollman visited the library several times that year to review its collection that's when the FBI says he took documents worth more than $15,000. Those documents showed up last month on an online auction site and were recognized by an expert down in Texas who called Transylvania.

They didn't realize the documents were missing because they hadn't been inventoried in 40 years. After Transy identified the documents as part of their collection, agents arrested Zollman for theft of major artwork.\

This afternoon his wife told 27 NEWSFIRST this is all just a big misunderstanding and Zollman is innocent. He's expected to appear in federal court here in Lexington later this month. The FBI says he was able to sell one document 11 years ago that is still unaccounted for.

Several other historical books were taken from the university's library back in 2004. That was after Zollman allegedly took these documents. Transy did improve library security after the 2004 heist.

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