Candidates Continue To Campaign, One Day After Ky. Primary

All eyes were on Kentucky Monday night as the results from the polls came in. Senator Hillary Clinton added another win to her column.

After a commanding victory, Senator Hillary Clinton says Kentucky voters have sent a loud and clear message.

Despite calls for her to concede the democratic nomination to Barack Obama, her camp argues her big win in the bluegrass state and overwhelming support from white working class voters, making her a tougher opponent for John McCain.

With nearly a reverse outcome, Obama easily came out ahead in Oregon on Tuesday. The win gives him the majority of all pledged delegates.

He marked the milestone in Iowa,t he state that delivered his first victory.

Wednesday, Barack Obama's local Headquarters in Lexington will move out of a retail space on Reynolds Road.

Both candidates will be in Florida Monday. Obama is looking ahead to a match up in the fall with McCain, while Clinton is fighting another battle, pushing for the democratic party to reinstate the delegates stripped away when the state held its primary early.

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