High Gas Prices Won't Affect Lake Traffic

Only the occasional fishing boat was on Lake Cumberland Wednesday, but come Memorial Day weekend, those who depend on lake traffic for their profit margins are counting on the picture of calm water looking much different.

“8 of the 15 (hotels) are booked solid for the weekend,” says Carolyn Mounce of the Somerset- Pulaski County Visitor's Bureau.

Despite record gas prices and rumors of a recession, many in the Somerset area say people will still fill up their cars and boats and come on down.

And that has the workers extra busy at Cumberland Sea Ray, where people are working overtime to make sure their customers' boats are out of storage and into the water.

“There's a lot of talk and people asking the same thing, 'are gas prices affecting you'? I think people realize boating is good family time, you don't have to spend a lot of money,” says Harvey Maynard.

So the question isn't if people are going to the lake this weekend, it's what are they going to do with their money once they get there.

People may keep their houseboats in their slips instead of filling them up with hundreds of dollars of fuel.

“They may not tour the lake as much as they did before, but they will come to their boat and enjoy it,” says Mounce.

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