Hidden Danger In The Swimming Pool

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This weekend is the unofficial start of summer. The Fayette County Health Department is warning pool goers about a hidden danger in the water, the drain.
The government says in the last 10 years several children have drowned after being trapped below the water by powerful suction drains.
A new federal law requires all swimming pools at public facilities, hotels, and apartment complexes have anti-entrapment drain systems and drain shut off switches installed by 2009.
The Fayette County Health Department says it will begin inspections in July to make sure swimming pools are in compliance with the new regulation.
The Lexington Division of Parks and Recreation says there is no danger at any of the city owned public pools. All of its large pools and aquatic centers are fully compliant with the regulation. The city says it does have one pool in the parks and rec division that has a single drain system, but that it will be fixed as soon as possible.
Homeowners with private pools on their property are not required to make the safety upgrade.

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