Couple Pleads Guilty In Child Abuse Case

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A Clark County couple, accused of abusing an infant, entered a guilty plea on Friday in court.

28-year-old Jesse Patrick told a judge today he threw his 3-week-old son in his crib, causing bruising to his head and neck. The baby also had a hand print across his ribcage.

Friday, he admitted to the crime, while the baby's mother, Genne Burgess, also entered a guilty plea for not reporting Patrick's abuse.

Patrick and Burgess lived together for two years and had a baby, Wyatt, together.

Burgess told 27 NEWSFIRST in a jail house interview that Patrick started drinking soon after their son was born and as a result became abusive.

Burgess says she didn't know that Wyatt had been abused because his bruises didn't show up until after social service showed up to remove him from the home.

On Friday, Patrick pleaded guilty to first-degree abuse. His recommended sentence is 10 years. Burgess pleaded guilty to 2nd-degree criminal abuse. Her recommended sentence is five years.

The couple will be formally sentenced next month.

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